Buying Real Estate in Aynor



Affectionately called the Little Golden Town, Aynor is located in western Horry County and has approximately 650 residents. Aynor got its start in the mid-1800s by a man named John Eyknor.  In the early days, Aynor had a bustling tobacco market as well as a brickyard, cotton gin, and several mills. Today, a large mural at Eighth Avenue and South Main Street honors Aynor's railroad and tobacco history. 


Aynor hosts many amenities from dining to shopping. Aynor boasts a high school, middle school, and two elementary schools. Aynor enjoys a quiet environment for family oriented individuals.


Aynor is also surrounded with bustling wildlife; a paradise for the avid hunter. The town hosts many community events such as annual Hoedowns and Stump Speaking. It is an ethnically diverse town, and the people who call it home belong to a variety of racial and ethnic groups.


Aynor's location near Myrtle Beach allows it the perks of living near the beach while also keeping the community oriented atmosphere and relative peace of a small town.